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Leadership Team Coaching

We work with leadership teams to accelerate their performance in achieving their goals, in developing their leadership skills and allowing them to deliver success through the teams they lead.

We offer bespoke coaching programmes tailored to the needs of each team.  These range from:

  • interventions designed to integrate team based activities with specific individual tasks to drive performance based on an “outside in” approach through regular feedback from colleagues, through
  • working on the relational dynamics within the team itself and between the team and the wider system in which it sits, to maximise the quality and effectiveness of relationships; to
  • reducing silo'd team behaviour and improving collective problem solving, decision making and learning.

Whichever approach is best for your team, we’ll start with a rigorous diagnostic to help you and us understand the current state of the team, and to provide a “base line” from which improvements can be measured. In some cases, we can take this through to calculating an ROI for the coaching programme.